Braille technology is one of the growing fields, where people who are visually impaired are being given freedom to have an independent freedom in experiencing computers, internet among other things. The technology has opened up options for communication between the people who have the sight and those that are visually impaired. Many blind people have found independence that they desire through Braille technology both in their professional and personal lives. The following are the most important Braille devices for the disabled people.


Braille Display – this can also be referred to as the refreshable display or terminal for the Braille and it is a device that is electro-mechanical. The device displays the characters of Braille and the same time refreshing as the blind user is reading the display. This is a device that is used often in conjunction with speech synthesizers and the two of them are usually used by blind or the visually impaired inorder for them to independently use a computer. 


This Braille display devices can be those devices that can offer output and accept input or they can be either input only or output only. Some of these displays they are being used with the Perkin’s keyboard while others are being used with the QWERTY keyboard. The applications in the Braille display are the one to depend when deciding the methods of input that the input need to accept or what is displayed by the output needs in order for it to perform and others.


Braille edge – the device has a combination of features for both braille display and that of a note taker. The device is highly dependable and it functions both refreshable display and managing device for your schedules on a daily basis. Users of the Braille edge are able to write notes for both late and as documents, read books among others. The device also has an on board scheduler which allows its the user in setting reminders for events that are important and since it has an inbuilt alarm you can set a reminder if you have an important appointment. The device also features a calculator, stopwatch and even a timer. These features make the life of the user easier as they users to independently function


Braille Pen – the Bluetooth technology has brought the expansion of wireless connectivity into the world and now it’s available for the blend and the impaired the Braille pen. This device is allowing its users to write and read emails and any other document, surfing internet, and more and you do all this while sitting in a room across their computer or even when their phones are in their pockets. The Braille pens are able to quickly get connected to the accessible Bluetooth devices of the users. This has made it possible for the disabled to be able to enjoy the wireless freedom the same as the sighted users.

The above devices will be of great help to those who are disabled and to buy them you only need to have your Ehic card this will help you to quickly access them whenever you need them.

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First Copy of Mohammad’s Book Given to Blind man

braille book

Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has dedicated the first copy of his book, ‘Flashes of Thought’, to a blind man named Ahmad Al Afli.  Continue reading

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New Braille Smartphone

braille phone

For people who are visually impaired using a mobile phone can be very challenging as using a phone involves using your eyes. With earlier phone more so the one’s with buttons they had Braille on them so people who are visually impaired could work out where the letters are.

But now there are a lot of touch screen smart phones on the market which is no good for the visually impaired as it is just a big screen that reacts to the slightest touch.

But to resolve this issue researchers in India have come up with a prototype that will become the world’s first Braille smartphone which turns digital apps and text into Braille.

It works by using a shape memory alloy technology which is based on the concept that the metal remembers it’s original shape and will always return to it after use.

The phone screen has a grid of pins that move up and down depending on the message or the app.

The phone which was designed by Sumit Dagar said: “The response during the test has been immense. It comes out as a companion more than a phone to the user. We plan to do more advanced versions of the phone in the future,”


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Disabilities cannot stop her


Hailey Baskeyfield is a young thriving girl who constantly askd questiong, touching exploring and feeling new objects.

The lucky girl was invited to represent Oklahoma in the Braille institute national reading competition. Hailey spends about an hour to four a day each week with her Mrs. whiteworth when they read and study spelling.

By the time she is in high school, it is likely Hailey will attend the Oklahoma School for the Blind, where they will be better able to serve her educational needs.

The baskeyfields are knows for working hard to get for what they want, they have taken the responsibilities for hailer early in her life.

Servage powered web hosting

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Publicis publishes Braille ad in The Economist for UBS

The Braille print advertisement tells the story of Valentin Haüy, who opened the National Institute for Blind Youth in Paris in 1784. Among the pupils was the young Louis Braille, who developed the Braille system of raised dots during his time at the school.
Nadine Genet, UBS global head of advertising, said, “I am delighted we could bring to life for everyone the story behind the development of the Braille reading and writing system. By launching the Braille insert in The Economist we are able to bring the idea alive in a relevant and impactful way.”
The ad forms part of UBS’ ‘We will not rest’ campaign, which highlights moments of achievement throughout history to convey the bank’s commitment to building long-term relationships and placing customer needs at the heart of its business—and ‘not resting’ until the goal is met.

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Cynon Valley historian learns to read again at the age of 90 – through Braille


So when she lost both her sight and hearing, the 90-year-old feared she may never be able to rekindle her love for the arts.

Coun Mike Forey said: “Many people who suffer a sensory loss lose confidence in their ability to run their home, prepare meals and maintain standards.

“Our team can help them regain their independence by simply changing the way they do things or by using techniques and equipment.”

“Literature has been my life, and when my eyesight started deteriorating in 2000 it was a major blow to me – I still find it frustrating at times,” said Mrs Selwood. “Not being able to read my own personal mail was devastating, which is why I decided to learn Braille with Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s Sensory Team.

Her husband Jack died in 1996, and since then she has continued to live independently despite setbacks.

A well-known local historian and author, Nansi has always been active in the community and has written many books on the valley, including bestseller A History of Hirwaun and Rhigos.

Her husband Jack died in 1996, and since then she has continued to live independently despite setbacks.

A well-known local historian and author, Nansi has always been active in the community and has written many books on the valley, including bestseller A History of Hirwaun and Rhigos.

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Tablets Given Braille Keyboard

US researchers have devised a way for the visually impaired people to use a touchscreen tablet by introducing a braille keyboard.

This keyboard works by allowing the buttons find the fingers. Also it uses movement to navigate e.g. to get to the menu the user must shake the device.

The real purpose behind this technology is to help Blind people with real life challenges.

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